Pad Printing Flexibility, Quality & Efficiency

Introducing the Orion 130 Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine from Trans Tech



What is the Orion 130 from Trans Tech?

Orion 130 pneumatic pad printing machines.

The Orion 130 is a single or multi-color pneumatic pad printer used to apply branding, instructions, indication and other decoration on a range of products and components.


What does the Orion 130 decorate?

Thanks to its superior flexibility, the Orion 130 is well-suited to decorate products from a wide range of industries- including medical, industrial and appliance applications.



What makes the Orion 130 stand out?

The Orion 130 stands out from other pad printing systems thanks to the flexibility, print quality and efficiency it provides.

How does the Orion 130 provide industry-leading flexibility?

The Orion 130 is one of the most flexible pad printers available in the market today.

Mix-And-Match Cup Sizes
The system allows users to mix and match different ink cup sizes. A single system can run 60, 90 and 130 millimeter cups simultaneously. This allows the Orion 130 to produce images of varied sizes.

Multiple Images, Multiple Colors, Multiple Sides of a Single Part
The decoration versatility offered by the Orion 130 is impressive. Users can print multiple images, multiple colors or multiple sides of a single part- all with a single system.


How does the Orion 130 provide superior print quality?

The Orion 130 also delivers superior print quality.

Photographic Quality Decoration
The machine can print in up to 5 different colors. When using CMYK plus W colors, photography quality decoration is possible.

Long Images – Optional Cup Slide
Another Orion feature that provides striking visual impact is the optional cup slide. The cup slide allows users to print images up to 3.5 times longer than is possible with traditional pad printers. Images as long as 460mm can be printed from a single printing plate. This is ideal for applications (like catheters, appliance back panels and electrical components) that require decoration on longer surfaces.

Long Thick Steel Printing Plates- Superior Quality on Long Runs
Superior image quality is also made possible thanks to the Orion´s ability to run large thick steel printing plates with multiple images. These thick steel printing plates are extremely durable and able to consistently provide high quality decoration on long production runs.

Traditional Ink Pads
The high quality visual impact of Orion decoration does not require specialty pad printing pads. The Orion is designed to provide superior compression with standard pads.


How does the Orion 130 provide industry-leading pad print efficiency?

The Orion 130 also stands out when compared to other pad printing machines thanks to its unmatched efficiency.

Fast Precision Placement
X/Y pad couplers allow users to quickly achieve precision positioning alignment. No need to waste time or expense on misprints.

Super Fast Pad and Ink Changeovers
Thanks to Trans Tech´s unique Express Pads- pad changes up to are up 80% faster and ink changes are up to 86% faster with Orion compared to alternative pad printer equipment.

Intuitive User Interface
The user-friendly, intuitive digital interface enhances the system´s efficiency

Multiple Images, Single Printing Plate
The ability to fit multiple images or a single long image on a single extended printing plate enables both quicker print alignment and faster changeovers.

Simplified Integration
Finally, the Orion 130 also provides highly efficient integration of supporting elements. Items like servo or pneumatic shuttles, IR or UV curing ovens, pre and post treatment systems can all be seamless integrated with a single controller for true turnkey performance.


Superior Flexibility, Image Quality and Efficiency make the Orion 130 an attractive pad print decorating system for a wide range of products.

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