Unique-In-The-Market: Trans Tech Rotary Pad Printer

High Speed, High Precision, Highly Repeatable Syringe Decoration


What is special about the Trans Tech RTI Rotary pad print machine?
What types of products or components does this machine decorate?

rotary pad printer print head

Unique-in-the-industry, the Trans Tech Single-Head Rotary Gravure Pad Printer provides superior precision decoration on cylindrical, round, oval or conical shaped parts at speeds up to 9x faster than standard high-speed pad printers.

It is the fastest, most-accurate rotary pad print system available in the market today. 

Our Rotary Pad Printer is ideal for printing:

  • Up to 360° on round, oval or conical shaped objects (≤4-inch diameter)
  • Images up to 12” by 11” on flat surfaces.


What speeds are achievable when using the Trans Tech RTI Rotary Pad Print machine to decorate syringes?

The Trans Tech RTI Rotary Pad Print machine is exceptionally well-suited to applying decoration on syringes ranging from 1ML- 60ML in size. Speeds of 500 to 600 pieces per minute are possible.

What type of controller does the Trans Tech RTI Rotary Pad Printer use? What are its benefits?

The Allen-Bradley controller provides a number of key benefits. With this controller, operators have a range of helpful information at their fingertips including live part counts and production hours. One key feature of this controller is that it allows for password protection. With password protection- it is possible for operators to get in to use precisely the features they need while more advanced features are available for maintenance teams or super admins.

What kind of loading system is compatible with the Trans Tech RTI Rotary Pad Printer machine?

Feeding can be done either via a hopper feeder or from overhead via continuous feed.

What happens when the syringes enter the bowl?

From the feeder, parts come into a bowl where they are aligned and fed into a walking arm that takes them to the transition wheel. 

What unique feature allows the RTI Rotary Printer to enhance efficiency?

The RTI Rotary Pad Print machine provides a special “Short Shot Detection System” in the transition wheel. This allows operators to identify any short shot early, before it has an opportunity to advance further down the line and cause a back up. This Short Shot detection system avoids costly machine jams and the downtime and resulting product scrap that result.

Scrap is also reduced thanks to dynamic auto-speed adjustments with a servo drive. When the volume of parts feeding into the machine is reduced, the printer automatically adjusts by reducing its speed rather than stopping completely.

How else does the RTI Rotary Pad Printer minimize downtime and enhance efficiency?

Two additional features allow the RTI Rotary Pad Printer machine to reduce downtime.

Automatic Ink Replenishment
The system features an automatic ink replenishment system that ensures no downtime is needed to maintain ink viscosity, eliminating the need for an operator to mix ink manually.  An ink pump  optimizes viscosity and to re-circulates ink. This optimizes viscosity by mixing the optimal amount of thinner to ink.

Tape Off System
The integrated tape off system allows printing pads to be cleaned without stopping the machine.

Are there any features designed to efficiency during maintenance?

Yes! In fact there are many. Here are a few:

  • Lever operated quick-drop ink tray with a detent locking device for spill-free removal
  • Cliché drum hand wheel for easy cliché drum removal from the printer shaft
  • Tilt-up doctoring assembly device for tool-less removal of the doctor blade from the cliché drum

How durable is the RTI Rotary Pad Printer machine?

Many RTI rotary pad printer machines have been running for decades and the system is known for providing industry-leading durability. The increased doctor blade and drum life is achieved by replacing the set wear pattern common to older mechanical systems with reciprocating doctor blade assembly and random motion, independent of drum rotation


The RTI Rotary Pad Printer from Trans Tech provides market leading precision, repeatability and efficiency at speeds up to 9x faster than those achieved by traditional pad print decoration.  This system is an excellent choice for high quality decoration of syringes.

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