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Spare and Replacement Parts

PLC Controller
ExpressCup Frame - Best used with single component ExpressCup
Doctor Rings
Doctor Blades
Mounting Brackets
Air Cylinders
RedStarTM Ink Cups 

Pad Spare/ Replacement Parts & Tooling

Trans Tech tooling experts design, build and test a complete turnkey solution to use in your existing equipment to adapt it to a new pad printing application.


As your part holding and pad assembly requirements change from project to project we can help you adapt your machine to fit new specifications with new tooling.

Rapid Prototyping

  • Our Rapid Prototyping experts work directly with you to define your requirements and expectations, and to coordinate your entire project.
  • Scanning services: Need a duplicate part but have no drawings? Let us scan your product and make the additional parts for you.
  • Fully decorated, in color, finished parts prior to production availability.
  • DigiPartTM Parts: Three-dimensional products created from digital files.
  • ValuFixTM Fixtures: Offers Quick delivery and high quality at a great value. Ideal for short and medium run projects. Fast turn-around on repeat fixtures. Compatible with pad printing and digital printing projects. Vacuum assist available. Well suited for single and multi-cavity fixtures.
  • Lab Tested: We thoroughly test each fixture component and fixture before shipping to the customer.
  • Fixture shapes are virtually limitless.
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ITW Trans Tech ExpressCup Frame Part for Pad Printing Machine


ITW Trans Tech ExpressLiner Part for Pad Printing Machine
ExpressLiner System

  • Doctor Rings
  • SpaceFrame
  • ExpressLiner


ITW Tran Tech Fixture for Pad Printing Machine

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Parts for Pad Printing Machines