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Pad Printing Cleaning Supplies & Accessories

ITW Trans Tech offers a wide range of cleaning supplies & accessories to complete your pad printing process

Aero 90

Pad Printing Cleaning Supplies & Accessories Information:

  • 100% Lint Free Synthetic Wipes
  • Large Alpha Swabs
  • Paper Mixing Cups
  • Stir Sticks
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Inx-Off!, hand cleaner/ink remover
  • SkapeTape, pad cleaner


This device was engineered to provide our customers with way to keep the pads clean during the printing process with equal quality and better value.

ITW Trans Tech SkapeTape device

The SkapeTape device works by allowing the operator to periodically remove unwanted material from the pad's surface, keeping the quality of the image free from dust specks and pinholes. The quality of the print improves when the pad is clear of dust, dried ink, and other debris predominate in the pad printing process. View our SkapeTape How To Guide, located in our Resource Center, for more information.

 Part Number
 Dimensions  Sleeve
 11400025  72mm x 0.04mm x 100m
 4 rolls
 24 rolls
 11400026  96mm x 0.04mm x 50m  3 rolls
 18 rolls
 11400027  120mm x 0.04mm x 50m  2 rolls
 12 rolls

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Inx-Off! High Performance Hand Cleaner

High Performance Hand Cleaner 

  • Removes Printing Inks
  • Safe for Daily Use on Skin
  • Neutral Odor Without Harsh Solvents

Visit our Resource Center to download our Inx-Off! data sheet