Expertise The best product decorating solution for your needs

At Trans Tech we have deep EXPERTISE (born out of over 40 years of experience) to provide precisely the right product decorating solution for YOUR unique application

Skilled Team

Over 54% of Trans Tech employees have been with us for over 10 years. 28% have been with us for over 20 years. The average experience of our lab technicians is over 30 years. We have seen it all and understand how to create the best solution for your unique application.

Comprehensive Pad Printing – Systems & Consumables

We design and manufacture pad printing systems as well as precision tooling, inks, pads and printing plates designed for optimal performance. In fact- we have the largest supply of pad printing consumables and the largest ink warehouse in North America.

Technology Comparison Advantage

Our deep knowledge of pad printing, digital printing and hot stamp/heat seal transfer (through our sister companies United Silicone and CER) allow Trans Tech to provide expert insights into which decorating technology is best suited for your unique application.

We Understand YOUR Production Environment

We understand the product decoration process from the ground up — from artwork through production and beyond. Our team knows how to anticipate challenges and ask the right questions to thoroughly understand your environment and create a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Solutions Tailored to YOUR Needs - Manual or Automated

Trans Tech excels at both – stand-alone pad printers with market-leading changeover speed and complex automation systems for maximum throughput and efficiency

We Understand YOUR Market

For decades we have worked closely with customers in countless markets including medical, automotive, sporting goods, tools, appliances and electrical components. We stay on top of industry trends and provide expert services in market related compliance issues.

Reliability Superior performance time and time again

Top brands trust our people and products to provide superior performance every time.

Reliable Products

Trans Tech products are well-known for their durability – it is not uncommon to find Trans Tech pad printing machines that have been running for over 20 years even in rugged industrial environments!  Our reliable products are designed to maximize uptime while providing quality, repeatable print.

Reliable People

We are proud at Trans Tech to have earned the trust of top brands up and down the supply chain. Our team values transparency, always working to promote the best interest of our customers.

Reliable Service

Our service team stands out not only for their professionalism in addressing customer challenges but also for their drive to see even the most challenging projects through to the end.

Efficiency Solutions designed to maximize your profitability.

At Trans Tech, we design products and services to save you time, space and money while achieving high quality, repeatable print.

Patented Technology – Market Leading Efficiency

Our patented ExpressLinersTM and patent-pending ExpressPadsTM combined with the durable industrial design of our systems allow our technologies to generate up to 25% cost savings and up to 86% time savings, while providing up to 30% less downtime and 50% greater durability.

Continuous Investment in Market-Leading Tools

Trans Tech stands out by investing in cutting-edge technologies designed to ensure superior performance of our systems and components. Our Keyence microscopes, digital XY coordinate measuring system, spectrophotometers, and other tools enable us to provide market-leading precision decoration with market-leading efficiency.

Product Design

We design pad printing processes with your unique environmental and performance requirements in mind resulting in highly efficient systems designed for optimal performance on your application.

Product Set Up

Our stand alone and fully automated systems are designed to be easily integrated into your production processes. Reduced real estate options are available to save valuable floor space.

Efficient Team

We have made streamlined, efficient customer communication a priority. We believe you will find the Trans Tech experts you reach out to pro-active communicators – ready to efficiently meet your product decorating needs.

Efficient Service

Our service team knows how to get it right the first time. Trans Tech’s service offering is responsive and well-equipped allowing us to efficiently resolve any challenges a customer may face. In fact, 95% of all service inquiries we receive are solved the same day.

How Can We Put Our Expertise To Work For You? We would love to hear from you!