The Foundation of Repeatable Decoration

Highly repeatable product decoration starts at the holding fixtures. If your part is not held securely at precisely the right angle, it is not possible to achieve quality, repeatable decoration.

Trans Tech’s dedicated team of fixture experts have decades of experience in creating precision fixtures – painstakingly designed for optimal performance in your unique application.

Unique Solution

Holding fixtures Holding fixtures pad printing

Together at last... Precision Placement & User-Friendliness

Our engineers have solved the age-old challenge of having customers choose between cumbersome fixtures that provide secure product hold but are time-consuming and difficult to use and user-friendly holding fixtures that fail to provide firm product stabilization.


Error Proof Design

  • We carefully design our fixtures so that they work only in one way – ensuring precise product positioning time and time again.
  • Our customers are so happy with the results – they actually came up with the descriptor “error-proof” for our fixtures!

2 Step "Load & Lock"

  • Our fixtures feature an easy 2 Step “Load and Lock” process where rollers, push pins or simple clamps are used to ensure operator-friendly performance combining precision alignment, firm hold, and quick loading and unloading.

Types of Fixtures

We have a fixture for YOUR application!

At Trans Tech, we provide a wide range of different types of fixtures for an ever-bigger range of different applications. Our highly skilled fixture team can custom build a fixture to meet the precise needs of your application.


We Design Fixtures For

  • Trans Tech equipment
  • Competitor equipment
  • Manual lines
  • Automated lines

Fixture Types

  • Standard
  • Multi-position
  • Vacuum Hold Down
  • Automatic Rotate
  • Manual Rotate


  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Wet Teflon Seal (medical grade)
  • Derlin (medical grade)
  • Stainless Steel

Special Considerations

We´ve Got You Covered

To identify precisely the best holding fixture for your unique application, Trans Tech experts consider a wide array of factors including:

  • Substrate to be decorated
  • Scratch resistance requirements
  • Industry-specific requirements (medical grade, etc)
  • Compatibility with pre-and post-treatments
  • Number of colors required

  • Board shuttle type
  • Artwork requirements- distortion
  • Pad placement and composition
  • Part height requirements
  • Pad printer capabilities

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