Market Leading Engineering Expertise

Our engineers have an average of 15 years of automation experience to design your pad printing system with market-leading precision. You will see their stand out expertise in every phase of the system development including:

  • Pad Printer Selection/Creation
  • Control Selection (your preferred control brand)
  • Custom Fixture and Tooling Design
  • Bulk Loading and Unloading
  • Optical and Laser Sensing/Positioning

  • Pre-treatments (corona, plasma, flame)
  • Robotic Product Placement / Dial Tables / Linear Slides
  • Post-treatments (drying tunnels, UV curing)
  • Vision Systems
  • Quality Qualification – Testing & Documentation

Cutting Edge Technology

For decades, Trans Tech has invested in cutting-edge tools that allow us to produce pad printing solutions with unrivaled precision. Often, we are the only company in the market to provide access to high-precision tools.

Laser pads base cutting for precision engineering.

Laser Pad Base Cutter

  • First-in-the-industry -innovative laser cutter for wood pad base manufacturing.
  • Speed pad base production by as much as 40%.
  • Unparalleled precision cutting of pad bases ensuring there is no variation from base to base.

Digital Silicone Mixing

Digital Silicone Mixer

  • First-in-the-industry – an innovative digital system that quickly meters and mixes silicone for unprecedented accuracy in silicone formulation for printing pads
  • Ensure that pad’s silicone formulation is precisely metered to ensure a highly repeatable decoration

Unmatched experience & precision with plates.

Keyence Electronic Microscope

  • Ensures accuracy of plate depth to +/- 2 microns.
  • Detailed control certificates.
  • Ensures precision etching and superior repeatability from plate to plate.

precision engineering

MicroVu Vertex

  • Vision system that determines the accurate location of graphics on the parts and makes part drawings.
  • Software provides accurate & quick dimensional measurements.
  • Can be utilized to import CAD models, write inspection programs, calculate GD&T and provide data to export into a .DXF file.
  • Encoder resolution of 0.1 Micron

color management for pad printing


  • Ink mixing – X-Rite spectrophotometers ensure customers receive precise color performance batch after batch with computerized accuracy.

pad printing ink swatches

Precision Color Matching

  • Each ink color batch controlled within a ΔE of 2.0 or less.
  • Ensures our ink shades are highly accurate and repeatable year after year.

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