Unique In The Industry Efficiency

Thanks to our unique-in-the-industry Express Pads:

  • Tool-less pad changes can be completed up to 80% faster.
  • Ink changes up to 86% faster than with competing systems.
  • For electromechanical systems that run 24 hours a day, five days a week, producing 3600 parts per hour- this can save as much as 3.25 hours per week or 169 hours per year, making it possible to produce 5,850 more parts per week or over 300,000 more parts per year per machine.
printing pads systems
Unprecedented Time Savings

Our ExpressPadsTM provide Tool-less pad changes – completed up to 80% faster.

Innovation Superior pad repeatability

Trans Tech is the first-in-the-industry to adopt two innovative new technologies that ensure repeatable performance pad after pad.


Laser pads base cutting for precision engineering.
Laser Pad Base Cutting

  • Laser cutting of pad bases provides faster and more precisely repeatable pads

Digital Silicone Mixing
Digital Silicone Mixing

  • Digital system for precise silicone mixing provides superior consistency than previously possible with careful hand mixing

Our Pads

ExpressPad Systems

ExpressPad Systems

The ExpressPadTM system offers incomparable ease and flexibility when it comes to pad changeovers. This unique product is available on any Trans Tech pad printer. Retrofit systems are also available.

  • No tools required
  • Pad changes up to 80% faster (seconds instead of minutes)
  • Ink changes up to 86% faster
  • Centering pin for increased precision
  • Simplified pad rotation
  • Reduced clean-up time
  • XY adjustability
  • Medical grade stainless steel base
  • Multiple pad mount configurations
Pad Printing Pads

DuraThon Pads

  • Durable but flexible performance
  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Best quality printing for long run
custom print pads


  • Fast start-up printing
  • No “memory” holding of the image after a change of artwork
  • Ideal for shops with many different set ups or short runs
  • Minimal waste and reduced cost
pro pads


  • Performs well in a wide range of printing environments
  • Excellent for UV inks
  • Instant start-up, no break-in
rotary pad

Rotary Pads

  • Designed for rotary printing systems
  • Specified for high-speed, automated systems
  • Available with customizable hubs

Selection Criteria

Pad printing pads pick up the image from the etched plate and transfer it to the surface being printed. Selecting the right printing pad for your unique application is critical for ensuring quality print. It is important to consider pad shape, size, hardness, substrate features/surface finish, printing equipment as well as the features of desired image

Selection Criteria
Pad Shape

Most important factor determining how well a pad delivers its imprint, Will depend largely geometries of the product being decorated, For flatter surfaces – sharper pad angles generally equate to better the print, quality Custom pad shapes available.

Pad Size

Pad should be at least 20-30% larger than desired image size, For large items, maximum pad size will be determined by printing system parameters, Pad should cover the entire image. Image distortion is often caused by pads that are too small, Trans Tech offers pads ranging from the very small to some of the largest in the industry.

Pad Durometer (hardness)

Choosing the best durometer pad will offer the highest quality printed image, However, it is essential to also consider the compression capability of your printing system and the unique characteristics of your substrate, Trans Tech offers a wide variety of pad durometers, We provide expert assistance selecting the best fit for your unique application.

Substrate Features / Surface Finish

It is important to take a close look at both the size and shape (smooth vs. textured) of the printing surface.

Printing Equipment Capability

It is essential to keep in mind the physical limitations of your pad printer, Our experts consider features like print clearance and compression strength before selecting the best pad for an application.

Desired Image & Volume

Image size dictates which pad size is selected (pads should be 20-30% larger than desired decoration), Complexity of design image may play a role in pad selection, Print volume considerations will play a role in selecting pads durable enough for application requirements.

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