System Optimization

Machine setup, operation, and troubleshooting including pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment

Image Quality

The role plate etch depth, secure fixtures, ink/solvent formulation and pad selection play in ensuring proper ink transfer

Consumables Optimization

How to select, handle and maintain pads, plates, and inks for optimal performance for YOUR application

In-House Training

Whenever possible, we recommend you come visit us at TransTech for a full day or multi-day training session.

There are several key benefits to in-house training – including:

  • Access to all types of printing and auxiliary equipment, graphic files and consumables
  • Access to a wide range of specialized experts from every aspect of pad printing process
  • Access to the very latest pad printing technology – to give you a better understanding of what your line can achieve and what upgrade options are available.
  • Focused training opportunity – away from the day to day distractions and potential need to stop and resume at home.
on site training
Customer Facility Training

We are also happy to send a training specialist to your facility.

This can also be an attractive option for a number of reasons- including:

  • Cost-effective approach when large number of people require training
  • Training can be broken down by shifts to ensure all relevant staff are included
  • Training can be broken down by segment- to provide in depth training on the pad printing skills required for each member of your team (for example- plate production, part handling, etc)
    • One often overlooked but quite helpful example of this is dedicated manager training which is helpful in underscoring production challenges and ensuring understanding of best practices to have in place to mitigate impact of employee turnover.
pad print training

Customer Facility Audits

How Does it Work?

We can send a specialist to review the technologies and procedures currently in use at your facility and identify opportunities for optimizing workflow, avoiding mistakes, and uncovering cost savings

pad printing training
What Are the Benefits?

Customers often underestimate the amount of savings that can be generated with a workflow and performance audit on existing lines. Even if your system has run well for years, it is very possible that new innovations have emerged since your install. The experts at Trans Tech can help you retrofit your existing printing operation to include the very latest in pad printing technology. Strategic retrofits can generate significant cost savings and help ensure systems run longer.

Learn more about ITW Trans Tech.
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We tailor our training and performance audits to your specific production environment and application. How can we help you?
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