Getting it Right, Fast

We understand the significant pressure on most brands today to stay on top of aggressive production timelines. Simply put- there is no room for downtime and technical issues.

We are so confident in our systems, that we offer a market-leading 1-year warranty on our products.

Should you have any issues however, Trans Tech provides market-leading technical support with unmatched expertise, reliability, and efficiency.


Our Expertise

Trans Tech stands out in today´s pad printing market thanks to the deep technical expertise of our team.

On average, our technical support team members have 17 years of expertise with the entire pad printing process in dozens of different markets and thousands of applications.

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What It Means To You

Maximum Uptime

  •  We get it right the first time

Superior Performance

  • Expert insights into how your unique processes can be customized and/or optimized
Our Reliability

Reliability is at the core of every aspect of Trans Tech technologies. Our understanding of the challenges of rugged industrial environments allows us to build product decorating systems that run for 30 years and longer.

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What It Means To You

Peace of Mind

  • We are so confident in the superior reliability of our products that we offer an industry-leading warranty

Superior Performance

  • Superior follow-through & ability to handle even the most technically challenging issues
Our Efficiency

We understand your fast-paced business requires speedy response to any challenges you may face. Our products and technical support services are designed for maximum efficiency.

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What It Means To You

Hassle Free Solutions - Remote

  • Less than 3% of the technical inquiries we receive require service visits
  • We have the skills to assist you remotely

Hassle Free Solutions - Fast

  • 95% of the technical support requests we receive are resolved within 24 hours

Hassle Free Solutions- Problem Prevention

  • Our team provides superior maintenance and training options to reduce opportunities for operator error and improved machine control
Market-Leading 1-Year Warranty

We are so confident in the superior durability of our systems that we offer a market-leading 1-year warranty inclusive of parts and service.


Warranty Inclusive Of

  • Diagnostics & Remote Service Support
  • Parts (excluding pads, plates, cups, and rings)
  • On-site support- Labor & Travel Rate (included)
    Travel & Airfare (included at no cost for premium customers)
one year warranty
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Technical Support Team
(630) 752-4000
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