Would you like your plates etched for you?

You have come to the right place. Trans Tech is proud of our reputation for being the industry leader in pad plate making.

Our proprietary etching process converts computerized digital artwork onto plates with industry-leading precision. This, in turn, ensures highly repeatable images and color.

Industry-Leading Precision
  • Keyence Electronic Microscopes ensure accuracy of plate etch depth up to an industry-leading +/- 2 microns
    (+/-0.00007” or 0.002 mm)
  • Multi-point quality inspection report with each plate!
keyence report for pad printing plates
Fast Turn Around
  • Most new plates in 2 days or less
  • All plates are processed, tested and shipped with multi-point quality inspection report- enabling you to use immediately.
2 day
Unmatched Expertise
  • Our plate team has 100+ years of combined experience with pad printing art and plates
  • Specialty-depth, critical-line and multi-depth etching available on request
  • Fine detailed artwork and registration
pad print engineering
Wide Range
  • Wide range of plastic, laser, thick steel, and thin steel foil printing plates
  • Standard & custom sizes
  • All of our plates are universal with corresponding punch hole configurations for use in Trans Tech and non-Trans Tech systems
Pad Printing Plates or Cliches

Selection Criteria

Identifying the Best Plate for YOUR Application

Our designated plate making team has over 100 years of combined experience in pad printing. We know how to carefully study all relevant factors in order to recommend the printing plate that best fits your unique needs.


When required, the plate team works closely with our Art Department, ensuring professional image development and precision transfer of a digital image onto the plate.

To ensure high precision plates – we carefully review a number of factors including:
  • Artwork positioning on the printing plate
  • Plate performance requirements
  • System requirements
  • Application requirements (substrate and geometry)
  • Print speeds & volume
  • Etch depth
  • Selected ink type
plate making team
Plate Team
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We produce plates with industry-leading precision. How can we help you?
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