Trans Tech has over 40 years of experience providing quality decorating solutions to leading brand owners, component/contract manufacturers, and small molders. We provide:

  • Precision Image Quality (standard tolerance +/-0.005”).
  • Full Automation Support (partial to full turn-key solutions including integrated vision systems).
  • Documentation and Validation Support (URS, FS, IQ, OQ, PQ).
  • Total Process Support (systems, consumables, pre-treatment, and post-treatment equipment).
Medical pad printing services


Medical Pad Equipment: A Total Solution

Equipment, consumables, vision systems, automation and validation support

Medical Device & Components
Medical pad printing & components by ITW Trans Tech.
  Medical Device & Components
Syringes (Traditional & Safety)
medical equipment pad printing
  Syringes (Traditional & Safety)
Catheters & Medical Tubing
Our medical pad printing devices include catheters & medical tubing.
  Catheters & Medical Tubing
Dosage Wheels
medical device printing
  Dosage Wheels
Medical Device & Components

Trans Tech provides the equipment, consumables, and dedicated services to decorate medical devices for branding, functional deposition, or identification marking purposes. We have proven solutions for multiple substrate types, shapes, and regulatory requirements.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Medical Devices – Housing/Components.
  • Measurement Disks and Wheels.
  • Auto-injectors – Medical PENS.
  • Syringes.
  • Catheters and Medical Tubing.

Additionally- we can provide hot stamp/heat seal decoration on most of the applications above as well as on IV bag assemblies, medical kit packaging, and unique device identification through our sister company United Silicone

Syringes (Traditional & Safety)

The placement of identification marking on syringes must be extremely precise for user safety. Trans Tech is a trusted partner for syringe manufacturers to turn to for superior repeatability in syringe decoration with industry-leading throughput.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Standard disposable syringes.
  • Pre-filled syringes.
  • Safety syringes.
  • Auto injection devices.

Additionally- we can provide hot stamp/heat seal decoration syringes through our sister company United Silicone.

medical equipment pad printing
Catheters & Medical Tubing

Catheter and medical tubing require decoration technology that can adapt to a wide variety of base materials, tube lengths, and French size diameters.  Trans Tech delivers both custom and standard solutions to meet these critical market needs.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Catheters (6 French to 22 French diameter).
  • Medical tubing (6 French to 22 French diameter).

Relevant Technologies Include:

  • Pad Printing: Orion 130.
Dosage Wheels

New regulations requiring dosing tracking have led to unique decorating requirements. High-quality print with a high degree of accuracy requires proven solutions that Trans Tech can provide.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Air Disk Wheels.
  • Cylinder Wheels.
medical device printing
Dedicated Products & Services

Trans Tech offers a variety of products and services that are especially useful for medical applications. For example:

pad print automation

  • Manual systems or large automation systems.
  • Expertise in pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment, various colors, vision inspection, and more.

white pad printing ink
Specialty Inks

  • Standard ink series.
  • Medical Class VI compliant inks.

Code of federal regulations (CFR).
Expert Compliance Assistance

  • CFR11 and IQ/OQ/PQ validation and documentation.

Clean Room Compatibility.
Clean Room Compatibility

  • Extensive experience in creating decorating solutions that are compatible with cleanroom environments.


Medical Pad Printing Challenges

Industry Challenges: We understand the challenges facing medical companies. Trans Tech’s customer or technical support staff can provide insight into the following key areas:

  • Given the extremely rigorous validation process, our medical products must go through – we can ensure we get product decoration right the first time.
  • We can ensure decoration technology is robust and durable enough to provide superior performance for years and years to come (so as to not have to repeat the extremely rigorous validation process a few years down the road).
  • Given the pressure to reduce labor costs- we can cost-effectively integrate automation into your product decoration process.
  • We ensure quick turn over and flexibility in product decoration technology for customers who produce a number of different medical devices or components.
  • We can provide reduced floor space or cleanroom compatible product decoration solutions.
We would love to learn more about your medical product decoration challenge.