Revolutionary Approach: System Elements
SpaceFrame TM + Patented Express Liners

The pad printing market has widely adopted seal ink cup technology.  Our innovative adaption of this industry standard design has produced a revolutionary method for containing ink for closed cup pad printing machines.

Trans Tech’s SpaceFrame TM consists of a red anodized aluminum ring, used in conjunction with the patented ExpressLiner disposable reservoir, and easily replaceable carbide metal rings. (Express Liner Patent # 8393267 & 8671835)

Ink Pads.
Revolutionary Approach: How it Works
Simplicity & Convenience
  • The frame and liner configuration features pad printing with an optimized ink reservoir thereby saving material costs as well as reducing set-up and clean-up times by using disposable cup liners.
  • The carbide metal doctor ring fi­ts snugly into a recessed groove of the liner forming a single, integrated unit.
  • The assembly is then able to “float” in the SpaceFrame, improving doctoring performance.

The simplicity and convenience of this package is appreciated by pad printing operators and beneficial in short production runs and frequent artwork changes.

ITW ink cups
Revolutionary Approach: Benefits
Industry Leading Cost & Time Savings

Sealed Ink Cup Benefits

  • Consistent ink viscosity control (less need to continuously add solvent)
  • Up to 400% reduction in solvent use compared to open well machines
  • Up to 50% reduction in ink usage compared to open well machines
  • Reduced ink solvent smell
  • Reduced ink contamination
  • Eliminate mess
  • Simplified changeovers (less operational expertise required)
  • Fast changeovers (less time required)

Red Star Ink Cup Benefits

  • Versatility – compatible with Trans Tech and competitor technology
  • Compatible with mechanical or magnetic hold down machines
  • Ridged cup design allows better doctoring performance with less ink leakage
  • Cups are fully rebuildable with easily replaceable doctor rings

SpaceFrame + ExpressLiner Benefits

  • Versatility: Compatible with all Trans Tech as well as competitor systems.
  • Mechanical and magnetic hold down configurations
  • Disposable Liners virtually eliminate clean up time
  • Reduces use of cleaning supplies (and disposal of hazardous cleaning solvents)
  • Optimized reservoir volume reduces ink waste
  • Simple design improves usability for machine operators
  • Improved doctoring performance
  • Reduced ink leakage


red pads ink cups

Redstar Multicup:
  • Mechanical or magnetic hold down versions
  • 60mm, 90mm, or 130mm sizes available

combined ink pads

SpaceFrames and ExpressLiners:
  • Mechanical or magnetic hold down SpaceFrames
  • 60mm, 90mm, or 130mm sizes available

How can we help you meet your pad printing ink cup challenge?