Pad Printing Technology

Superior Repeatability Meets Unprecedented Efficiency

Our printers combine market-leading repeatability with built-in efficiencies that generate significant time and cost savings.  We offer single and multi-color pad printers in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automated configurations. Our pad printing equipment systems run the gamut from highly flexible to high speed and are available with a wide range of supporting products.

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Single & Multi-Color Pad Printing Equipment

Trans Tech systems provide both single and multi-color product decoration. Our digital machines offer virtually limitless color options.

The experts in the Trans Tech Ink Lab can match your color requirements with market-leading precision. All color batches are kept to within a ΔE color variance of 2.0 or less.

In addition to providing a single image in two multiple colors, our pad printing equipment can print two separate images in two different places on a single part.

Pad Printing Color Matching
Electromechanical, Pneumatic and Rotary Pad Printing Machines

Trans Tech offers electromechanical, pneumatic and rotary pad print machines.

Electromechanical systems provide streamlined and repeatable performance. Cam-driven movement is highly repeatable. Electromechanical machines are highly durable and maintenance friendly.

Pneumatic systems are often favored for their cost-effectiveness as well as for their flexible pad stroke adjustment which can accommodate parts of varying sizes. Pneumatic machines can also integrate a cup slide as an option—for printing on longer parts.

Rotary pad printing equipment is well-suited to printing cylindrical products at very high speeds.

Our team of technical experts can walk you through the benefits and considerations tied to each approach and help you find the best solution for your unique application.

Precision Pad Print Decoration
Stand-Alone to Fully-Automated Pad Printing Machines

For lower volume applications that require greater flexibility- we offer stand-alone solutions fully compliant with OSHA safety standards. These systems allow for immediate manual visual part inspection.

For higher volume applications we provide semi- up to fully-automated systems that can incorporate elements like material handling and camera driven quality control. In addition to providing superior reliability, these machines offer enhanced efficiency and reduced labor requirements.

Decorate Wide Range of Substrates

Both digital and pad printing provide highly durable print on a wide range of plastics , metal and wood substrates. Both techniques can be used to decorate treated and painted surfaces as well.

Range of substrates
Decorate Wide Range of Shapes

Pad printing equipment is particularly well-suited to printing on a range of even the most challenging part geometries. Our printing equipment can decorate flat (linear), 2D, 3D, curved, recessed surfaces, and raised surfaces with the highest possible precision tolerances.

pad printing options