Film Development

At Trans Tech we excel at creating high-quality films in order to produce high-tolerance printing plates. This allows us to deliver printing plates that accurately duplicates your artwork from the 1st to the 100,000th print.

High Resolution Setter

  • All of our film is created from a high-resolution image setter (not a low-cost inkjet alternative)
  • Produces fine detail, accurate scaling, and four-color process work

Wide Range

  • We produce film positives, film negatives, as well as dot screen films

Art Spec Guidelines

Do you have a vision you would like to see transformed into reality? Please see our Computer Generated Art Specifications document below to learn more about accepted file formats and instructions for sending film or digital media, fonts, CAD images, and placed images.

Art Cliché Order Form

In precision film and plate-making, size and positioning information are just as important as the artwork. Our Art Cliché Form asks all the necessary questions to ensure that your artwork is properly executed.


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