Pad Print Decoration on Automotive Products

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Pad Print Decoration on Automotive Products

It is very common to find pad print decoration on automotive products. It is best to start with simple definitions to understand why this is.

What is pad printing decoration?
Aero is ideal for high-performance, low volume applications. Touch screen interface, text-driven GUI and clear operating instructions.

If you want to transfer a single or multi-color 2-dimensional image onto a 3-dimensional product or component with high precision and repeatability- pad printing is a great option.

Pad printing utilizes a silicone ink cup to transfer ink onto a printing plate. When the ink dries, the resulting decoration is durable and repeatable for mass production.


How is pad print decoration used in the automotive industry?

Pad print decoration is found in nearly every part of automobiles on the interior, exterior, and under-hood components. Automotive components embrace a wide range of substrates, shapes and performance challenges (like exposure to high temperatures) – and pad print is well-suited to provide tailored solutions for each unique product to be decorated.

What types of information are often printed on automotive parts?

Most often, pad print decoration is used to apply branding, decorative updates, notification, safety instruction, and indicator marking on a wide range of automotive parts.

What is special about decorating automotive products and components?

exterior car parts pad printingAutomotive brands and their suppliers require repeatable, high-quality decoration – just like most markets do. Beyond that, several special requirements are of particular importance to automotive brands.

Due to the nature of the automotive industry, recalls are very expensive, and there is a significant need to make sure decoration is precise and highly repeatable from the beginning (get it right the first time!). Automotive brands and their suppliers require high efficiency, which embraces everything from quick changeovers to reduced scrap. Finally, given the required lifespan of automotive parts and requirements, decoration must be highly durable.


What kind of experience does Trans Tech have with pad print for automotive products?

Trans Tech has been supporting automotive brands and their OEMs and suppliers for over 40 years. We provide market-leading tight tolerance for even the most challenging automotive parts. Automotive brands,  component/assembly manufacturers, and automotive molding specialists trust Trans Tech  for:

  • Product Decoration Systems – Stand Alone to Fully Automated
  • All Tooling & Consumables.
  • Expert Automotive Adherence and Validation Service

Car Interior

We understand the tight tolerance required for quality decoration and color matching on interior automotive parts. Our 40 years of experience can ensure smooth production flow and consistent quality.

Typical Applications Include:

    • Knobs
    • Displays
    • Controls
    • Gear/Shifter Plate
    • Trunk Latches
    • Dashboard Clusters




Dashboard clusters often have tight tolerances,  unique part angles, and treated surfaces. Our quality machines and tooling are engineered for superior printing of buttons, logos, and shift bezels.

Typical Applications Include:

  • USB/Sync logos


Car Exterior

Trans Tech has experience decorating a wide variety of exterior car components. Our one-pass & multiple-color systems can be easily integrated into full automation. Our extensive artwork expertise allows us to meet tight tolerances or precise light diffusion requirements.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Medallions/Badges
  • Light Pipes
  • Fuel Caps
  • Light Lens Covers
  • Concept/First Run Cars



Many users decorate under-hood automotive parts with Trans Tech pad printers. Our systems provide consistently superior decoration that exceeds industry quality standards for tolerances and ink durability. Our turnkey systems can pretreat and cure parts in line for better product flow.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Engine Covers
  • Fill Caps


What specific pad print machines, supplies, and services does Trans Tech supply for automotive decoration?

Automotive brands and their suppliers can use Trans Tech as a one-stop shop for automotive parts and component decoration. In addition to a range of pad printing equipment, we provide tooling and all consumables (including specialty automotive and standard inks, printing plates, ink cups, pads, and more). We are experts at customized tooling for automotive products. In addition, we have a wide range of services designed to help automotive brands and their suppliers.


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