Innovative New Pad Printers Combine Industry-Leading Reliability With Significant Cost & Time Savings

New electromechanical and pneumatic printers can generate up to 86% time and over 25% cost savings

seal cup express

New Pad Printing Systems

Trans Tech ( and Morlock (, both part of the ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions Division (IDS), jointly announce the global launch of two innovative new pad printing systems that combine industry-leading durability with unmatched time and cost savings. Specifically, the new printers are capable of generating over 25% cost savings and up to 86% time savings, while providing up to 30% less downtime and 50% greater durability.

The high-speed SealCup Express and the flexible Pneumatic Express pad printers were designed based on global customer feedback and by bringing together the best features of leading pad printers from North America (Trans Tech) and Germany (Morlock). Both systems are ideal for printing 2D alphanumerics and graphics on 3D plastic surfaces for a wide variety of medical, cosmetic & personal care, automotive and electrical component applications.

Industry-Leading Reliability and Durability

The new SealCup Express and Pneumatic Express pad printers both feature industry-leading reliability and durability.

The solid industrial construction and smart German design minimize the potential for worn parts that need frequent replacing, allowing both systems to offer up to 30% less downtime than competing electromechanical and pneumatic pad printers respectively.

This rugged construction also accounts for the printers´ unmatched durability, lasting up to 50% longer than alternative systems. Previous versions of these printers have been known to last two to three decades.

Durability and reliability are also enhanced by the printers´ thick steel plates which can run up to 5x longer than plates from competing suppliers. Designed by an expert team with over 100 years of combined experience in the entire plate production cycle (including process knowledge and a full-service, digital art studio), the resulting plates offer unmatched flexibility and optimal performance with consistent etch depths within +/-2 microns.

Unmatched Cost And Time Savings

Both the SealCup Express and the Pneumatic Express feature patented ExpressLinersTM and patent-pending ExpressPadsTM that provide unmatched cost and time savings for users.

The tool-less SpaceFrameTM with disposable ExpressLiners replace conventional ink cups and reduce labor time and cleaning supplies costs, generating as much as 27% cost savings. A changeover with ExpressLiners may cost as little as $2.19 compared to just over $3 for a changeover with conventional ink cups. This would generate a savings of nearly $640/year on each ink cup with one changeover per shift, running three shifts a day and five days a week.

Tool-less pad changes using ExpressPads can be completed up to 80% faster and ink changes up to 86% faster than with competing systems, making changeovers easier than ever. For electromechanical systems that run 24 hours a day, five days a week, producing 3600 parts per hour- this can save as much as 3.25 hours per week or 169 hours per year, making it possible to produce 5,850 more parts per week or over 300,000 more parts per year per machine.

Further time savings are made possible by the ease of use of the printers’ intuitive, full-color touch screen HMI.

SealCup Express – New Take on Beloved Industry Favorite

Many users loved the stand-out reliability and durability of the original SealCup pad printer. The SealCup Express maintains these elements while adding many new innovative features. The SealCup Express features real speeds of up to 3600 cycles/hour and a +/- 10mm pad stroke adjustment for enhanced flexibility. User safety is enhanced with a Safe Torque Off feature in the system motor. These features combine to provide superior performance and, in some cases, a 30% higher accuracy rate than alternative systems. As an electromechanical system- the SealCup Express does not require compressed air.

Pneumatic Express – Reliability Meets Flexibility

In addition to enhanced durability and significant time and cost savings – the Pneumatic Express pad printer offers a wide range of adjustments. It features 0-160mm of pad stroke adjustment allowing users quick job changes and to print below the application base and on larger parts at speeds up to 1200 cycles per hour. It also has the down dwell feature for improved results on textured surfaces. Unlike its electromechanical counterparts, the Pneumatic Express has flow controls for finer speed adjustments for each pad motion. This allows for printing process optimizations for each application, such as eliminating static electricity issues when using certain inks.

Wide Variety of Options

Both the SealCup Express and the Pneumatic Express can be operated as stand-alone machines or can be easily integrated into automated systems. Both printers can be configured to have the CE mark with local language support. Optional accessories include part presence detection, rotary dial tables, linear slides, and custom rotating fixtures which can all be controlled by the same user interface. Pad cleaning, safeguards, footswitch and pad blower are also available. Where applicable, a permanent magnetic ink cup can replace the SpaceFrame with ExpressLiner.



About the Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) Group, TransTech and Morlock (ITW)

About Trans Tech

Headquartered in Carol Stream, IL (USA), Trans Tech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pad printing equipment and consumable supplies. The company’s products are used in a wide range of industries to decorate on three-dimensional objects made of plastic, metal, glass, wood, and other materials. Trans Tech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. NYSE (ITW), and a brand of ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS).

About Morlock

Headquartered in Dornstetten (Germany), Morlock provides individually tailored pad printing systems, consumable supplies, and full-service support. The company’s products are used in a wide range of industries to decorate on three-dimensional objects made of plastic, metal, glass, wood, and other materials. Morlock is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. NYSE (ITW), and a brand of ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS).

About IDS

Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS), a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. NYSE (ITW), is a global manufacturer and supplier of pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, and heat seal equipment and consumable supplies. The division consists of four brands – Trans Tech, United Silicone, Morlock, and CER.


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