Multi-Color Pad Print Machine

4 Color Pad Printing: Efficient Multicolor Decoration in a Single Sequence

Multicolor Pad Print Machine

Is it possible to achieve multi-color pad print decoration from a single machine? Absolutely! The Aero is a leading multicolor pad print machine, capable of delivering up to four color decoration.

What is the Aero Pad Print Machine?

The Trans Tech Aero is a pad print machine that is ideally suited for high-performance, low-volume applications.

Touch screen interface, text-driven GUI, and clear operating instructions make Aero machines an excellent choice for manual jobs requiring quick artwork and fixture changeovers.

Can the Aero deliver multicolor decoration?

Yes, as demonstrated in this video the Aero can deliver print in up to four different colors in a single sequence.

What is the benefit of having all colors printed in a single sequence?

The ability to have all colors printed in a single sequence enhances efficiency. This eliminates having to batch products to print multiple colors, thereby reducing work in process inventories and labor costs.

How does the 4 Color Aero pad print machine shown in the video work?

The controller responder configuration allows for up to four colors to be printed in a single sequence. Parts are loaded directly onto a fixture that is affixed to the shuttle system. The printer places an image on the part at each station before returning the part to the cycle start position.

What benefits do multicolor pad print systems provide?

Having the ability to provide single sequence, multicolor print increases the value-added services users can provide their customers. This, in turn, allows them greater opportunities to win bids.


It’s an economical platform ideal for small to medium runs, and multicolor imaging. It lowers upfront investment costs and has a very quick return on investment.

How does the Aero provide superior print quality?

Precise print location and repeatability allows repeatable color-to-color decoration as well as process printing. This reduces scrap and allows for consistent quality decoration.

The Aero 130 is Compatible with high durometer pads in order to reduce pin holes caused by textured surfaces for superior print.

How do Aero pad print machines provide enhanced efficiency?

Aero systems come equipped with patented SpaceFrameTM and ExpressLinerTM technologies, reducing changeover and clean-up time by as much as 86%.  In addition, our Aero 60 & Aero 90 systems come with the ExpressPadTM coupler for up to 80% faster pad changes.

The toolless SpaceFrameTM with disposable ExpressLinersTM replaces conventional ink cups, leading to up to 27% savings in labor and supplies.

Further cost savings are possible due to the fact that Aero systems are compatible with cost-effective temporary printing plates (or clichés). Mechanical hold down for ink cups makes it possible to use temporary plates – generating cost savings for short-run applications.

Which Aero models provide 4 color pad print decoration?

Both the Aero 60 and the Aero 90 pad print machines provide one, two, or four colors standard at a 5.5″ pitch. The Aero 130 provides one or two colors standard at an 11″ pitch.

Plate sizes are as follows:

  1. Aero 60: 2.76” x 5.51” (70 mm x 140 mm)
  2. Aero 90:  3.94” x 8.46” (100 mm x 215 mm)
  3. Aero 130:  5.91” x 11.81” (150 mm x 300 mm)

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