Remixing Stored Pad Print Ink

Ensure Proper Distribution of Pad Prink Ink Binder

Remixing Stored Pad Print Ink
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It is important to understand best practices for remixing stored pad print ink. When pad print ink is stored for months or even weeks, the pad print ink binder can float to the surface of your can of ink. This will negatively impact print quality as the pad print binder will not be evenly distributed throughout the ink.


What is pad printing ink binder?


For successful pad printing decoration, pad print ink must adhere firmly to the product or component surface that is to be decorated. This adhesion is made possible thanks to pad print ink binders. The best binder for your unique project will depend on the characteristics of the particular substrate you intend to decorate. Your pad print ink supplier will be able to help you select the ideal binding agent for your specific substrate.

How can you tell if your pad printing ink needs to be remixed?

It is a good idea to start by putting on gloves to ensure your hands are not dirtied in the ink mixing process. From there – carefully open your can of pad printing ink and take a look inside. Can you see a layer of shiny transparent liquid on the top of your ink? This is the binder which has floated to the top of your ink can.  If you see this- you need to re-mix your pad printing ink. Even if you cannot clearly see this layer of transparent shininess- it is a good idea to re-mix any can of stored pad printing ink prior to use

What tools are needed to remix pad printing ink?

Almost nothing! Remixing pad printing ink takes just a moment and requires almost no tools of any kid. Plastic gloves can keep your hands clean. A nice long mixing stick (capable of reaching all the way down to the bottom of your ink can) is the only tool you need to quickly and effectively remix your pad printing ink.

What is the best method for remixing pad printing ink?

Please see the top of this blog post for a two minute video demonstration of pad print remixing. Essentially, you can rotate your ink can with one hand. At the same time, you use a long mixing stick in your other hand to evenly distribute the binder throughout your ink. Be sure to push your mixing stick all the way down to the bottom of your can. This ensures the pigment and binder are completely mixed throughout your ink can. Keep pushing your mixing stick all the way down to the bottom of your ink can and back up again as your rotate your can all the way around. In just moments you will have been able to force the binder back into the pad print ink pigment so that the ink you use will have the appropriate ratio of pigment to binder.



Remixing pad printing ink is a quick and easy process that ensures your pad printing ink binder is properly distributed throughout your stored pad printing ink. This is key to ensuring proper ink adhesion and durable decoration.

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