Save on Pad Printing Supplies

Quality consumables generate measurable time and cost savings

When selecting a piece of pad printing equipment- you likely spend a good amount of time comparing systems to ensure you end up with quality decoration. Have you spent much time though considering how much of a difference innovative pad printing supplies can make in successful product decoration?

Flashy Figures

Often times, flashy figures are used to highlight the benefits of various pad printing consumables. For example, Trans Tech´s innovative ExpressPads and ExpressLiners can generate up to 25% cost savings and 85% time savings.

Well, that sounds great, right?  But what do these statistics really mean? How do flashy numbers translate into measurable real world improvements?

Beyond Flashy Figures

We can demonstrate this in much more tangible terms. We´ll start by looking at time savings.

Pad Printing Supplies Generate Time Savings

Thanks to our specially designed ink cups and liners, ink changes are up to 85% faster on Trans Tech pad printers than on competitive systems.

Let´s put that in context. Let´s imagine your line runs 24 hours a day, five days per week at a speed of 3,600 parts per hour. In this case- you could save over three hours per week or 169 hours per year. That would allow you to decorate 5,850 additional parts per week. That´s over 300,000 additional parts per year per machine!

What if you don´t need any additional parts? Just consider how valuable it would be for your team to stay focused on your core business for an additional 169 hours/year.


Pad Printing Supplies Generate Cost Savings

This goes beyond time savings. The right pad printing supplies can create significant cost savings as well.

A changeover with Trans Tech´s patented Express Liners could cost $1.63 compared to just over $3 for a changeover with conventional ink cups. If your line was running three shifts a day, five days a week and completing one changeover per shift  – this would generate over  a thousand dollars savings per year per ink cup.


Quality Systems & Innovative Supplies

Quality pad printing systems deliver repeatable, precision decoration on products. Innovative supplies provide tangible time and cost savings to ensure your product decoration is optimized for long term success.

At Trans Tech, we provide both superior pad printing systems and innovative, patented consumables with built-in efficiency boosting features.


Pad Printing Inks

Pad Printing Inks

Trans Tech the market leader in pad printing ink – with the largest pad printing ink warehouse in the country!  Count on us for:

  • Custom & Standard Inks
  • 1 & 2 component inks
  • UV inks
  • Performance Inks (High Density, Abrasion Resistance, Chemical Resistance, etc.)
  • Medical Class VI Inks
  • Metallic & Process Color Inks
  • Additives (hardeners, thinners, adhesion promoters, specialty additives)
  • Precision color matching


Pad Printing Pads

Pad Printing Pads

We have already explored the significant time and cost savings generated by Trans Tech´s unique-in-the-industry ExpressPads and ExpressLiners. Did you know Trans Tech offers over 1,000 different pad shapes and sizes to fit virtually every application?  We offer standard pads as well as state-of-the-art custom pads.

Our Pads:

  • Are Created With Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Equipment.
  • Are Made in the USA.
  • Allow for Unprecedented Time Savings.
  • Can Be Mounted on Customized Pad Bases – screw, magnetic, locating holes, wood screws for simplified integration..
  • Use Advanced Process & Quality Control Standards for Superior Print Quality.
  • Feature Stable Silicone Formulations for Superior Repeatability.
  • Most popular pads are kept in stock and ship the same day.


Pad Printing Plates or Cliches

Pad Printing Plates

Trans Tech is proud to provide customers with unmatched precision and expertise in pad print creation.  We provide etched plates, blank plates, and plate etching supplies. They are available in standard and custom sizes in universal format (punch holes for use in any system). Each etched plate also comes with a quality report showing etch depth accuracy.

We offer the following types of pad printing plates to meet the different printing needs of a wide variety of applications:

  • plastic plates
  • laser plates
  • thick steel plates
  • thin steel foil plates


Check out the supplies offered by ITW such as these ink cups.

Pad Printing Ink Cups

Our revolutionary method of using disposable ExpressLiners for containing ink for closed cup pad printing machines allows our customers to save significant time and expense.  


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