SealCup Express Pad Printing Machine: Features Overview

High Speed Pad Printing Machine

High Speed Pad Printing Machine: The SealCup Express

The SealCup Express is a high speed pad printing machine offering market-leading production speeds.

This pad printer is commonly used in high-speed applications and automations to apply branding, instructions, indication, and other decoration on a range of products.

What makes the SealCup Express pad print machine stand out?

The SealCup Express stands out from other pad printing systems in three key areas:

  • Market-Leading Speed
  • Unmatched Efficiency
  • Superior Reliability

Market-Leading Speed


The Seal Cup Express provides the fastest pad print production speeds available in the market today.


Repeatable, high-precision pad print decoration is possible at speeds of up to 3600 cycles per hour.   The electromechanical, cam-driven SealCup is up to 3 times faster than pneumatic pad printing machines.

High-Speed Automation

This allows for multi-hit jobs as well as high-speed automation. In fact, the modular architecture of the SealCup Express was designed to integrate with shuttles, safety guards, pad cleaning features, and pre-and post-treatment systems without the need for additional control systems. The SealCup Express fits seamlessly into semi- and fully automated high-speed production lines.


Unmatched Efficiency

efficient pad print

The SealCup Express also provides unmatched efficiency.

Time & Cost Savings

The SealCup replaces conventional ink cups with the toolless SpaceFrame with ExpressLiners. This reduces labor time and cleaning supply costs generating as much as 25% cost savings.

Thanks to TransTech´s unique Express Pads- pad changes are up to 80% faster, and ink changes are up to 86% faster with the SealCupExpress compared to alternative pad printer equipment.

Reduced Footprint

The Seal Cup Express and its key components are designed for flexible integration into automations with reduced footprints. Right- and left-hand options for the machine and the system´s tape cleaner features reduce automation footprint while enhancing print quality. (like catheters, appliance back panels, and electrical components) that require decoration on longer surfaces.

User Ease

–Touchscreen Controls
The color touchscreen controls make it easy for users to monitor pieces per minute and run status. If you are doing a double or even triple-hit print run, the system can be easily programmed to count those as a single piece for accurate run status reporting.

Password Protection
What´s more, this touchscreen controller features a password protection option. This secures the system for various levels of operators, eliminating the risk of system changes by untrained personnel.

Job Storage
Up to 20 jobs can be stored and easily accessed via the touchscreen controller. This improves throughput and decreases downtime caused by setups and changeovers.

Safety Features

The SealCup Express also enhances user ease with built-in safety features. Customers with plants in North America and Europe can use the CE-Compliant controls and system design interchangeably.


Superior Reliability
reliability hook

The SealCup Express also stands out when compared to other pad printing machines thanks to its superior reliability.

Reduced Downtime

The solid industrial construction and innovative German design of the SealCup Express provide industry-leading reliability. In fact, the SealCup Express boasts 30% less downtime than alternative pad printing machines.

Long Life

In addition to reliability, the SealCup Express provides industry-leading durability. Industrial construction and thick steel clichés allow the SealCup Express to function as much as 50% longer than other pad printers.


High speed, Unmatched Efficiency, and Superior Reliability make the SealCup Express an attractive pad print decorating system for a wide range of products.



Additional Information

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