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Digital and Pad Print Ancillary Solutions

Trans Tech offers a  wide range of Ancillary equipment and engineered accessories to best fit your printing application needs. From anti-static pad blowers to drying and UV curing tunnel systems, Trans Tech has your printing process covered from start to finish.

Drying Tunnel:

  • Used for drying and curing a wide variety of inks
  • Cost effective and simple controls
  • Temperature range up to 220oF

Drying Tunnel

Ecocure/Primocure Ink:

  • Used for curing inks at higher temps
  • Digital controls and flexibility
  • Temperature range up to 380oF

Ink Curing Tunnel

LC-6 UV Curing System:

  • Used for instant UV ink curing
  • Simple controls and small format
  • Can be used in automated line systems

Automated UV System

Flame Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Fast and cost effective
  • Great for automated applications


Flame Treatment

Corona Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Safe and economical solution
  • Small format and easily installed in automated line systems

 Corona Treatment

Plasma Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Longest lasting treatment window
  • Powerful and small format for automated line systems

 Plasma Treatment

Anti-Static Pad Blowers:

  • Best used for static control &
    controlling ink consistency
  • Benefits ink transfer onto substrate
  • Not a beneficial option for ink that is too "thick and tacky"

Anti-Static Pad Blowers

Magnetic Pad Blowers:

  • Assists with transfer of ink from the pad to the part
  • Especially helpful in high speed applications

Magnetic Pad Blowers

Dial Table:

  • Best used for continuous part loading, and multicolor applications
  • Increases productivity and output
  • Works great with automation systems
  • Multiple fixtures needed; per position

Dial Table 

Pad Print Part Shuttle Transport:

  • Precise color registration & accuracy
  • Improves speed & productivity
  • Promotes multicolor pad printing using one tooling fixture for lower costs

Shuttle Transport 

Digital Part Shuttle Transport:

  • In-line transport for ink lay down, UV curing, and ink pinning
  • Supports materials up to 10" in length
  • Accepts QuickFixTM tooling tray, vacuum table, and custom options

 Digital Shuttle Transport

Reciprocating Cup Slide:

  • Easy changeover & quick
  • Benefits customers looking
    to print on long parts such
    as catheters
  • Allows printing for applications
    up to 18" in length
  • Only available for the Orion pad printer

Reciprocating Cup Slide for the Orion Pad Printer 

Plate Etching Exposure Unit:

  • Uniform light distribution
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Highest quality etched plates with the finest precision
 Plate Etching Exposure Unit