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Pad Printing 101

What Is Pad Printing? Several different techniques are available for companies looking to apply branding, indication, safety, or instruction information to their products. Pad printing is an attractive option for product decoration due to its …

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What materials are compatible with pad print decoration?

What materials are compatible with pad print decoration? There is a wide range of different materials that are compatible with pad print decoration. Is pad printing really mostly for decorating plastics? This is a common …

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Demonstration- Pad Print Consumable Set Up

  What are the benefits of Sealed Cup pad printing systems? Beginning in the 1980s- sealed ink systems became increasingly popular for their ability to provide a number of key benefits, including: Consistent ink viscosity …

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Product Decoration: Pad Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Today’s manufacturers have a variety of options for fulfilling their product decoration needs. Two technologies stand out from the crowd as particularly effective at providing repeatable, high-quality decoration: Today we look at Pad Printing Vs. …

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