MKM – Multi-Color Pad Printer

Precision, Multi-Color Decoration at High Speeds

Trans Tech´s MKM Pad Printer provides high-speed, multi-color pad print decoration with superior precision and efficiency.

Our MKM Pad Printers provide up to 4 color decoration at speeds as high as 800 pieces/hour. The unique “carousel” approach allows for up to 25% higher precision than alternative pad printers while requiring as much as 40% less tooling.

The MKM Pad Printer also generates significant time savings by performing three different operations in a single cycle. Ink pickup, printing, and cleaning are completed simultaneously on every cycle providing up to 30% faster throughput.


Superior Precision, Less Tooling

Up to 25% higher precision than alternative pad printers

Precise single or multi-color decoration with up to 40% less tooling.


Time Savings

Up to 30% faster process than alternative pad printers.

Three different operations in only one cycle. Simultaneous ink pickup, printing, and cleaning. Cleaning on EVERY CYCLE.

Optical Cliché Adjustment System

Cliché changes up to 85% faster.

Easy to use for unexperienced operator. Simplified changeovers.

4 to 5 colors in one compact printing unit

Up to 25% space savings

The ability to eliminate stations allows for four to five color printing in smaller footprint solution. Dial table system is more compact than traditional linear systems.

Suitable for Wide Range of Products

Multi-Positioning System

Flexible multi-positioning system offers X-Y angle position correction on wide range of different part shapes.

Significant Cost Savings

Reduce labor time and cleaning supplies with up to 27% cost savings

Tool-less SpaceFrameTM with disposable ExpressLinersTM replaces traditional ink cups.

Additional Features
  • Tool-less pad changes (up to 80% faster)
  • Super fast ink changes (up to 86% faster)
  • Integrated quality control systems
  • Can be integrated into larger automated solutions (space and weight savings)
  • Digital networks big data integration (Industry 4.0)
  • Remote access for service
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MKM Pad Printer Comparison Table
MKM 80 MKM 125
Cliché size 90 x 165 mm 150 x 280 mm
Maximum print size Ø 56 mm Ø 105 mm
Pad stroke 80 mm 115 mm
Speed 800 pieces/hour in 4 colors 600 pieces/hour in 4 colors
Drive Electromechanical Electromechanical
Voltage 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption app. 700 W app. 1 500 W
Weight app. 990 pounds app. 3,300 pounds
Dimensions app. 1425 x 920 x 1700 mm app. 1820 x 1350 x 2160 (2910) mm
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