SealCup Express pad printers by ITW TransTech

SealCup Express

SealCup Express
The Durability You Love, Now with Market-Leading Time and Cost Savings.

  • Innovative Electromechanical Pad Printer
  • Market-Leading Speed: 3600 cycles/hour
  • Market-Leading Durability & Low Downtime
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings (ExpressPads and Express Liners)
  • Ideally Suited for Automations
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Pneumatic Express Printer by ITW TransTech.

Pneumatic Express

Pneumatic Express
Flexibility Meets Industry Leading Reliability

  • Flexible Pneumatic Pad Printer
  • 160 mm pad stroke – Quick Job Changes
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings (ExpressPadsTM and ExpressLinersTM)
  • Ideally Suited for Manual Operation and Small Automations
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Orion 130 pneumatic pad printing machines.

Orion 130

Orion Pad Printer.
3.5x Longer Images, Up to 5 Colors, Increased Pad Compression

  • Multi-Color Pneumatic Pad Printer
  • Flexible – Multiple Ink Cups Printing on Various Sides of Part
  • Up to 5 Colors or 130 mm Ink Cup Size
  • CupSlide Add-on Allows for up to 450 mm Image Length
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aero 130 pad printing machine


Aero 60mm, 90mm and 130mm Pad Printers
Ideal for High-Performance, Low Volume Applications

  • Economical Pneumatic Pad Printer
  • Flexible Sizing (60, 90, 130mm ink cup)
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings (ExpressPads and Express Liners)
  • Ideally Suited for Manual Operation
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rotary pad printer print head

Rotary Pad Printer

Rotary Pad Printer
360° Decoration at High Speeds

  • 360 degree decoration on round, oval, or conical shaped objects
  • Market-leading High speed Syringe Printing – up to 525 parts/min
  • Images up to 12×11” on flat surfaces
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