Rotary Pad Printing Machine

360° Decoration at High Speeds

Unique-in-the-industry, the Trans Tech Single-Head Rotary Gravure Pad Printer can provide superior decoration on cylindrical, round, oval or conical shaped parts at speeds up to 9x faster than standard high-speed pad printers.

Our Rotary Pad Printer is ideal for printing:

  • Up to 360° on round, oval or conical shaped objects (≤4-inch diameter)
  • Images up to 12” by 11” on flat surfaces.


Simplified Ink Management

No downtime needed to maintain ink viscosity, no need for an operator to mix ink manually

Ink pump to optimize viscosity and to re-circulate ink. Optimizes viscosity by mixing the optimal amount of thinner to ink

Cost Savings

Reduced reject parts, less waste

Dynamic auto-speed adjustments with a servo drive. When the volume of parts feeding into the machine is reduced, the printer automatically adjusts by reducing its speed rather than stopping completely

High Speed

Up to 9x faster

Faster than standard high-speed pad printers

Long Life

Increased doctor blade and drum life

Achieved by replacing the set wear pattern common to older mechanical systems with reciprocating doctor blade assembly and random motion, independent of drum rotation

Time Savings

Reduced changeover time during maintenance

  • Lever operated quick-drop ink tray with a detent locking device for spill-free removal
  • Cliché drum hand wheel for easy cliché drum removal from the printer shaft
  • Tilt-up doctoring assembly device for tool-less removal of the doctor blade from the cliché drum

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Technical Specifications
Cliché Drum Diameter

Standard 100 mm (optional 200 mm)

Cliché Drum Length

50, 100. 150, 200, or 300 mm

Pad Roll Length

Depending on application


Infinitely variable DC motor

Power Supply

110v AC; 80 p.s.i. Compressed air


Max. 100 linear surface feet per min


Pneumatic and PC


300 lbs

Overall Dimension

length 33 in x width 36 in x height 69 in

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