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Pad Print Ink: What Trans Tech Offers

What types of pad printing ink does Trans Tech provide? Trans Tech is proud of our reputation as the global leader in pad printing ink. We offer a market-leading range of pad printing inks as …

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Multi-Color Pad Print Machine

Multicolor Pad Print Machine Is it possible to achieve multi-color pad print decoration from a single machine? Absolutely! The Aero is a leading multicolor pad print machine, capable of delivering up to four color decoration. …

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Best Practices for Pad Print Ink Mixing

Pad Print Ink Mixing This post will explore best practices for pad print ink mixing. What are pad print ink additives? For example- what is pad print ink hardener? Pad print ink consists of both …

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Remixing Stored Pad Print Ink

Remixing Stored Pad Print Ink It is important to understand best practices for remixing stored pad print ink. When pad print ink is stored for months or even weeks, the pad print ink binder can …

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Pad Print Ink Testing

How to choose the best pad printing ink for your unique project? Experts in the Trans Tech Ink Lab can identify the best formulation for your decorating needs after considering a vast number of factors, …

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Updated Online Store for Pad Printing Supplies

What is the Trans Tech online store for pad printing supplies?   Trans Tech´s newly improved and recently relaunched online store for pad printing supplies makes ordering market-leading pad printing supplies easier than ever before. …

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Demonstration- Pad Print Consumable Set Up

  What are the benefits of Sealed Cup pad printing systems? Beginning in the 1980s- seal ink systems became increasingly popular for their ability to provide a number of key benefits including: Consistent ink viscosity …

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how to save on pad print supplies
Save on Pad Printing Supplies

When selecting a piece of pad printing equipment- you likely spend a good amount of time comparing systems to ensure you end up with quality decoration. Have you spent much time though considering how much …

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What Is Pad Printing Ink And How Is It Used?

What is Pad Printing Ink? Achieving repeatable, high-quality pad print product decoration depends on identifying quality equipment and pairing this equipment with high-performance consumables. Identifying the right pad printing ink for each unique substrate, product …

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Product Decoration: Pad Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Today’s manufacturers have a variety of options for fulfilling their product decoration needs. Two technologies stand out from the crowd as particularly effective at providing repeatable, high-quality decoration: Today we look at Pad Printing Vs. …

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